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Alex is a 13 year old male Hyacinth Macaw who is extremely spoiled, somewhat pampered, and never gets enough attention! Most of the time Alex lives with 5 other macaws and an African Gray named Willow, who strangely enough, happens to sound more like a macaw every day. All. . .  in my house!! or mini zoo!! Also, are four cats, who for some strange reason are terrified of the birds. Wings flutter, cats run!! While you are here, enjoy Alex and all his friends, . . but be sure to visit the KAYTEE Hyacinth Macaw Foundation page and see what you can do to help save this most endangered of all the macaws. Another link, The Macaw Landing Foundation will show you just where your money goes and how it has saved many hyacinth breeding sites from destruction. Your donations ARE working! The wild hyacinths are making a slow, slow  comeback. The year 2000 was once scheduled as the year of their extinction, but your dollars are pushing this date further and further into the future. This Christmas, give your bird a real treat, make a donation in your birds name to the KAYTEE Hyacinth Macaw Foundation. Alex and his friends will love you for it!!



Macaws are messy, noisy, rowdy, intelligent, playful, destructive, rough, and sometimes downright mean, but they are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures ever placed on this earth.

Meet Alex and some of his friends. . . . . .

Dear Alex!
Letters to Alex
Alex's Adventures:

Alex goes to College

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Avian Heath Tips
from Alex's very own Veterinarian, Dr. Bart, D.V.M.

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PLEASE, DO NOT PURCHASE WILD CAUGHT BIRDS! For every wild bird imported TEN of them die in transit. All of the birds pictured on this page are domestic bred birds and therefore do not pose a threat to the Ecology of the Rainforests of South America. Most of these macaws are on the endangered list and some are on the verge of extinction. If you want to find out what YOU can do to help save the wild Macaws and other birds of the Rainforest from extinction please call
. be sure and tell them Alex sent you!

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Alex's email image courtesy of Sylvester T. Parrot
Many thanks to Dr. Barton Huber for all his great info.
Also to Lynette and Bob Stewart from SOS4Birdz.
All photos are original art work of Robert F. Clinton
Last updated on 17 November 2006
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