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This is an on-line page devoted to all my fellow airmen from the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing's "Wolf Pack" and all they did to help make us the best damn fighter wing in the world!. Bob Hope once said the 8th TFW was, "The largest distributor of MiG parts in the world." This web-site contains the stories and photos about the men and women of the 8th as they lived and died to make the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing the most famous and decorated United States Air Force fighting unit to come out of the Vietnam War. I have tried my best to keep most of these pages simple; as you all know "Fighter Jock Types" would rather look at pictures than read. If you have an interesting story or photo from the 8th TFW's past, please share it, this is YOUR forum. I hope you enjoy the memories.

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Close your eyes as you enter this time portal of the Phantom's Lair. . . It is hot and very humid . . . The sounds, the smells, the anticipation of soon entering  an exciting new world presses against your anxious mind. The giant propellers of the C-130 that will take you on your journey start to whirl, a deafening roar is all that you soon hear. The aircraft taxis, and soon points its nose to the vivid Southeast Asian sky and then northward to Ubon and the awaiting airwar over North Vietnam. Dress rehearsal is over . . . the big show is about to begin!

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This Web-Site is in no way connected with, and carries no official endorsements from the United States Air Force, nor the present day active duty 8th Fighter Wing, stationed at Kunsan, ROK. The Phantom's Lair is the official, unofficial voice of the Vietnam era 8th Tactical Fighter Wing's Wolf Pack. Comments and opinions voiced here are protected under the rights dealt forth in the Constitution of the United States.
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